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FGI's  Veteran Assistance Program includes ...

legal professionals offer individual veterans, corporations & State Veteran Group's educational publications, advisory consult, independent VA benefit claim review and representation to ensure each veteran receives all benefits to which they are entitled to under the law. 

Vet  Pubs & Assistance "free"
Brochures on VA benefits and Veteran related topics.
           e-Alerts      "free" 
Learn about new developments affecting Veterans benefits
  • Counseling and education materials to inform Veterans on new developments, including increased or discontinued VA benefits

  • Identify and refer veterans to appropriate state and local offices for appropriate or additional assistance, if available

  • Review veterans military files and medical records for benefit eligibility under existing Department of Veterans Affairs laws

  • FGI attorneys  represent qualified Veterans before the U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals, and in appropriate cases before the VA Regional Offices and the Board of Veterans Appeals  

  • Provide assistance in the preparation of VA forms, applications and other documents

  • Toll free telephone access to FGI counselors and staff

Hourly and Project rates quoted upon request * 

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Get your FBI & other Files

Obtain your personal files from Federal & State Government agencies. What information does the Gov know about you?

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FOIA Group's  reputation for being "very aggressive" under the law is behind each FOIA request, ... and it brings results for our customers that other vendors can't compare.
  Comprehensive, accurate, and timely data capture, document and information  retrieval services.
  Cost effective - low fixed rate
  15+ years of FOIA experience challenging agency decisions
  "Free"  FOIA Legal Consult 
  Utilized by major corporations, law firms and new media
  Assured Client Satisfaction
  All services are 100% legal, confidential, and anonymity guaranteed


Over 20+ years of experience providing FOIA legal and administrative support to the nation's leading Corporations, Law Firms, Non-profits and News Media.

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